Partner Initiatives

Partner Initiatives

Our Partner Initiatives

Impact Development Fund collaborates with innovative fund initiatives throughout Colorado and neighboring states to bring collective expertise to your table in:  

  • Designing affordable housing related to community and economic development initiatives;  
  • Establishing policies and procedures that align with industry best practices;  
  • Professionally navigating the legalities of the complete financing, underwriting process and loan servicing processes;  
  • Providing people-first services through a wraparound approach in order to better the lives of our customers, wherever they are at today.  

We believe that in order to provide real solutions with tangible, positive outcomes, we must tailor our programmatic approach to best meet our partners’ goals.

Our Partners

  1. Colorado Clean Energy Fund

    Colorado Clean Energy Fund offers a variety of programs designed to assist homeowners and businesses to implement clean energy solutions that result in reduced energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, increased electrification or electrification readiness, and/or increased renewable energy generation. CCEF also offers an affordable housing loan program for projects that serve tenants at or below 120% Area Median Income. The Impact Development Fund collaborates with CCEF as the loan fund administrator, loan underwriter and servicer in accordance with all applicable regulatory guidelines. For more information on CCEF products or to apply, visit the CCEF website.

  2. Elevation Community Land Trust (ECLT)

    Elevation Community Land Trust (ECLT) contracted with the Impact Development Fund (IDF) to provide applicant eligibility and compliance reviews in the land trust’s home purchasing application process. The IDF team works with ECLT borrowers to compile loan documentation and package complete application files for subsequent market lender reviews. For more information about homes for sale through the Elevation Community Land Trust or to apply, visit the ECLT website

  3. Front Porch Investments - Omaha Community Foundation

    Impact Development Fund (IDF) is a proud collaborator of Front Porch Investments—a nonprofit organization housed at the Omaha Community Foundation. Front Porch Investments (FPI) was created in 2021 to serve the Greater Omaha Metro in Nebraska by strategically investing in exemplary affordable housing developments and projects through grants and low-cost loans. The IDF team provides program support, loan origination, underwriting and servicing. For more information on Front Porch Investments visit the FPI website.

  4. Rural Homes – Paradox Community Trust

    The Paradox Community Trust, a supported organization of the Telluride Foundation, engaged Impact Development Fund to facilitate the primary mortgage origination and loan servicing aspects of its Rural Homes Program. Rural Homes provides workforce housing in rural communities at affordable sales prices via subsidized land and low-cost, 100-percent of note value mortgage products offered in partnership with First Southwest Bank and the Colorado Health Foundation. To learn more about Rural Homes developments, visit the Rural Homes website. To apply visit the IDF application page.

  5. Stay tuned for more partner initiatives, coming soon

IDF maintains a Three Star A+ rating as defined by AERIS, the national CDFI management firm that evaluates CDFI’s financial management and impact measurement across a consistent set of criteria nationwide.  IDF has been AERIS rated since 2007. 

    At Impact Development Fund, we have a passion for helping people. In Colorado, there are too many under-served communities. We've made it our mission to assist these communities by providing loans to non-profits, families, and developers.


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